If Joe is hungry, he’ll tell us. See below to determine if Joe is hungry or just ate. If you need SEO help consider hiring Joe by visiting his website hallanalysis.com. He is truly great!

Ya'll ever notice how damn good @PressSec is? You have to pay attention though because like good IT pros, if she does her job well no one will notice. But if you watch you'll see that each word is deliberate and calculated.

HAPPENING NOW: @NASAWebb experts answer your questions on-air during a special #NASAScience Live show, marking today's arrival of Webb at its final destination in space.

Drop questions below using #UnfoldTheUniverse to participate! https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1RDGlgwRdnrKL

Ya'll @RyanJones updated one of his tools over the weekend. I can see myself using this a lot this year. Love the export feature. https://seodataviz.com/

A friend of mine likes to solve Wordle as soon as it comes out at midnight, and then immediately post the answer in capital letters on facebook. I am seriously rethinking my friendship with her.

Wordle 218 5/6


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Created with Love by @johnmorabitoSEO

Why…just why?

Because Joe’s food and hunger related tweets bring a touch of brightness and joy for many folks in the SEO world, including myself. With all of the turbulence of Google updates and infighting among SEOs there is one constant, Joe is hungry. Joe’s tweets bring a sense of calming normalcy to the world that needs exactly that.

Joe is awesome.